Arguably the worlds best closed back 2X12 cabinet with interchangeable front
and  rear  panels. Designed and hand built by Peter Morris and Dr. Ika.

All materials are absolutely top quality.
The  baffle is 3/4 in the middle of the cab with special sound halls for fat,
round, creamy sound.
Speakers are the
Celestion G12 Century with the Superlux PRA-228A  
microphone capsule fixed in front of it.
The capsule is laminated in the noise cancelling foam pyramid. The
microphone  also has polarity switch and balanced professional XLR output
socket  on the dash plate. Cab weights only 17 kg.  including speakers.

The sound samples were recorded without any EQ and effects.
Modified Blue Voodoo 50 all tube head and the Patrick Eggle custom Strat
were used

                        CLEAN - neck and middle pickups

                        MILD OVERDRIVE  neck pickup

                     MILD OVERDRIVE bridge humbacker

                             HIGH GAIN neck pickup
Modified Vintage Club 50 head and CCC 1X15 super cabinet with  built
in mic capsule.    
TWO ROCK head & CCC cabinet
inside our CCC cabinet
Another cabinet with the G12 CENTURYs inside. Modified
adjustable platform for the microphone which moves from
the edge to the speaker centre.

SOUND SAMPLES - recorded with the Parker  (Kinman
hot  noiseless  neck /mid pickups and Kent Armstrong's
Motherbucker in the bridge) and modified Blue Voodoo 50

1. Neck clean
2. Neck/mid clean
3. Bridge clean
4. Neck overdrive
5. Bridge overdrive
6. Bridge overdrive with boost
CELESTION G12 - 65,  great sounding speaker and adjustable microphone